A parrot with  his sky

A parrot with  his sky

 * Kalpana Bhatt

A parrot from his would look outside towards the blue sky and wandering clouds .He would move inside it to explore the sky as much as he could as he could see only a limited part of it .
It would always attract him .He wanted to fly like other birds but with his clipped wings how could he! His fellow friends sometimes would come to him and would say ,” Oh poor you ! Look at us we are free bond and so fly out in air with our spreaded wings , we play in feathery clouds ,touch tree ,fly over water bodies , look at the colorful flowers ….” They laughed at the prisoner parrot and flew away .

He felt very bad to what his friends had said to him . He would eat nothing and would sit sadly inside . Just then some bird came to him and said ,” Hey it would be so wonderful , our Sir is organizing a competition of writing. He has given us a few topics .”

“Really ! It is so great , so you shall all write for it . How I wish I too could .Is there any time allotted for it .”

” Yes ,we have one full month and have to submit minimum 15 stories .”

“Great ! But is it really possible to have a quality writing .” The parrot in cage said , he further added  ,” You too are in a cage of the given  work to be completed in the scheduled timeslot. I too will write but would like to limit my work .”

“You are a coward , you are not able to face the world of writers with the demanded speed.”

“Is it so ! May be true but i have my clipped wings so may be my sky is far away . And for you , you are bound to complete and compete with others.”

Writing goes on from both the end . And both take each other to be in  cage .




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